Conservation Commission News

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GLP Conservation Commission----2017


We have approximately 100 acres of conservation open lands at GLP.  They include 50 acres of woods and fields

and 50 acres of salt marshes.  Our Conservation Commission  takes our responsibility of being stewards of these areas very seriously. We have seven members: Linda Burrows, Bob TenEyck, Dave Nickolenko, Eric Benker, Carol TenEyck, Rusty Poe and Gail Munn.


Some of the highlights of this past year have been:

1) Nature Trail maintenance.

 We have a 1.5 mile trail that has new blue arrow markers on trees and a new entrance off Duryea Dr., behind the new maintenance barn. You can also enter off Island Ave. Many things to experience include a lowland forest, views of osprey nests and marshes, bridge over a fresh water stream, beautiful plants, and exit to waters of Mumford Cove.

2)Monarch Butterfly-Milkweed plant Project

Due to declining numbers of Monarchs we are collecting and planting Milkweed plant seeds as they are the only plants the Monarchs will lay their eggs on.  Dave Nickolenko has made fences of local bamboo to protect the plants.  We have also planted butterfly bushes.

3) Osprey Nest platforms

We have 5 nesting platforms and perching poles on GLP.

 Presently we have two active nests with 2 chicks each.

The ospreys return each March, and egg laying starts mid April.  The eggs begin to hatch late May.  The offspring fledge when they are about 50-55 days old but will still depend on their parents for nourishment for another 8 weeks.  Then they will start to migrate to Central and South America for the winter.  We report all information to Osprey Nation run by CT Audubon.

4) Spring Clean-up at GLP

     It was held in June this year.

5)  Non Native Invasive Plant Control

    We have met and consult frequently with a CT State

     Biologist and forester who advises us on how to try to 

     REMOVE invasive plants and SAVE the important

     native plants. The native plants around our marshes are

      important for all the wildlife and act as buffers and

      filters to help protect our salt water marshes.  We have

      had great communication and support from the GLP

      Board of Directors. Please remember that there is a

      GLP ordinance that prohibits anyone from cutting or

      removing any plants in our conservation areas

      without the permission of the Board of Directors. Feel

      free to call us to come and consult with you regarding

      plants that you are concerned about.

6)   Summer programs:

       June - Horseshoe Crab night.  Watching and learning

       about the annual mating and egg laying of these special

       creatures during the full moon.

        July – Denison Nature Center program on local owls

        August- Denison Nature Center animal program TBA

        Fall – TBA

  7)  Conservation Garden maintenance… across from the


      These are just some of the projects your Conservation                       

     Commission is involved with to help protect GLP’s

     natural resources and keep them as special as they are.