Association Government

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The Groton Long Point Association has an elected Board of Directors defined by the Charter granted in 1921. The officers are elected annually at the Association meeting on Saturday, on the 4th of July weekend. Property owners listed on the Town of Groton Grand List are empowered to vote on all issues placed before them.

The current make-up of our board of Directors is:

President             Vice-President
Treasurer            Clerk


Public Safety
Beaches, Docks and Lagoons
Recreation and Parks

Holders of these positions may change annually. The Board of Directors meets monthly, on the first Wednesday of the month, excluding February, and July at 7:00 PM in the Meeting Room of the Community Center. Owners and friends are welcome and indeed encouraged to attend.

There are three (3) full Association meetings scheduled throughout the year. The Budget Approval Meeting, held Memorial Day weekend, The Annual Meeting, to conduct Association business on the Fourth of July weekend, and the third Saturday in October, to conduct any other necessary business.

The Board seeks volunteers to staff a wide variety of committees to address community issues. Appointments are also made to key positions, which advise the Board in its efforts to maintain Groton Long Point as the place we have come to know and love. Click here to view a list of Committees and Commissions.