Building and Zoning

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To improve the quality of life for the residents of Groton Long Point by advancing public health and safety through effective building code and zoning regulation enforcement

Building Department
The Groton Long Point Building Official is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Connecticut State Building Code, along with relevant ordinances. The department’s role is to ensure public safety through the permitting process and demonstrate compliance of the structural and safety requirements of the State Building Code.

The Building Official is responsible for the issuance of all building permits and handles all permits related to electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and demolition for residential work within GLP. That process includes the review of plans for technical compliance with the CT State Building Code, and the inspection of the project during various phases of construction.

The issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or a Certificate of Acceptance at a project’s completion is a property owner’s assurance that the construction performed substantially meets the structural and safety requirements of the CT State Building Code.

Zoning Department
The Zoning Enforcement Officer serves as the administrative personnel to the Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Enforcement Officer is responsible for the review of zoning permit applications, investigation and enforcement of zoning violations, administration of floodpl ain regulations (FEMA) and coordination and review of development proposals with local and state agencies

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Groton Long Point Association Office Zoning Official 860-536-4736
Peter Vandenbosch Building Official 860-572-8885
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