Groton Long Point Association

Groton Long Point is a wonderful private beach community situated on a peninsula in Long Island Sound in New London County.

In 1894 five New London businessmen formed the Groton Long Point Land Company and took title to 300 acres of agricultural land now known as Groton Long Point.

In 1921 the Connecticut General Assembly approved the Charter incorporating the Groton Long Point Association.

Groton Long Point Association is governed by landowners elected as members of a Board of Directors including a President (CEO), officers and directors.

GLP has its own Police Department, Fire Department, Water Department, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Docks, Beaches and Lagoons Departments along with a Zoning and Building Official.

Population of GLP is dramatically larger during the summer months, approaching 6,000 residents.  During the summer, the GLP Yacht Club runs many classes and activities.  These include swimming, tennis and sailing lessons and various sports activities, dances, movies and fireworks and playgrounds.

There are two lagoons with very protected anchorage.  One has boat moorings and docks for members only and the other is used for children sailing lessons.